Server Status Client Updated Progress Notes Launch
Active Mid-Am Eagle Grove 03/12/2020 Programming

Base Programming on Progress

Active Mid-Am Ogden 03/12/2020 Programming

Base Programming in Progress

Active Mid-Am Chronicle 03/12/2020 Programming

Base programming in Progress.

Open Renville County Register 03/17/2020 Delivered

Delivered with intial info sent.

Client - Active APC - Harlan 03/10/2020 Delivered


Client - Active Howell County News 03/12/2020 Delivered

Wants to schedule training.

Client - Active Wayne Redeployment 03/5/2020 Delivered

Delivered Draft

Launching Harlan Cemetery 03/6/2020 R.T.L.

Sent to client ... Some updates needed

On Hold Peshitgo Times 03/6/2020 Delivered

Delivered to client.

Suspended Farmers Independent 03/6/2020 Delivered

Delivered draft on 11/25

Suspended Mid-Am Parkersburg 02/20/2020 Development

DB: BUTLER ... Ready for client review