Server Status Client Updated Progress Notes Launch
Active Mid-Am 1 02/12/2019 Programming

Template for mid-america sites.

Open The Press 03/20/2019 Delivered

Working on archives and classifieds.

Open Wolf River Media 12/21/2018 Delivered

Still waiting on new pricing for subscriptions and classifieds.

Open The Pilot News 03/13/2019 Delivered

Delivered to client

On Hold San Juan Record 03/13/2019 Delivered

Archives imported. Waiting on client.

On Hold A.I. 03/13/2019 Waiting

Maybe launch soon?

On Hold Moab Times 03/20/2019 R.T.L.

Archives imported. Waiting on client.

Suspended Journal-Eureka 11/28/2017 Delivered

Asked Rob again, to contract client to finish site. This was on 10/27/17.